Friday, July 22, 2011

Hearthstone Charms

If any of you are gamers, you've probably seen these before:

Hearthstones! They're an item from the game World of Warcraft that allows the user to transport to a previously set location. Read up on it here.

These charms are super simple to make, and they're a cute gift too! Just give one to someone special and tell them that now they can teleport to any place of residence once every 30 minutes. 

I used this Fimo rock effect clay for the base. 

Then use a sharp blade to slice off pieces at angles to create a rock shape. Use a blunt point (I used a knitting needle) to make the swirl.

Stick an eyepin through it to make a charm. Then, after baking, use some blue shimmery paint to define the swirl.

Happy teleporting :)

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