Saturday, June 12, 2010

Father's Day Baking

Father's day is allllmost here! I got together with my friend today, and, inspired by Bakerella's fast food fun, we made our own with a few modifications. Behold:

Burger with a patty, ketchup, mustard, and lettuce; french fries; and heart shaped chocolate peanut butter cake.

Let's start with the hamburger:
True to Bakerella's instructions, we made the bun from yellow cupcakes cut in half. However, we made our cupcakes without sugar, since the rest of the burger would be so sweet. It turned out pretty well in sweetness! We just filled the cupcake papers about halfway so the top would be flat, and sprinkled them with sugar to give it a more bun-like appearance. 

We baked a whole sheet of moist chocolate cake that we used for the patties. 
We crumbed up the entire cake and then added some chocolate syrup....

...and squished patty shapes with the mixture, just like you would with ground beef. 

Finally, the condiments are made with cream cheese colored with food coloring. Just stick globs of each color on the patty with your finger and squish the entire burger a bit when you put the top of the bun on so the colors peek out from the sides. 

From a distance, they actually look like the real thing ;D

Now the fries:
We had some yellow cake mix that we turned into cookie dough with the following:
1 box cake mix
1/3 cup vegetable oil
2 eggs
2 tbs milk
Just mix it all together and voila! Cookie dough!
Of course, you also just could use any cookie dough recipe you have. 

For the fries, we covered the bottom of a flat pan with sugar and then laid a rectangular sheet of cookie dough on it. Bake at 350F until they turn golden around the edges and then flip the whole thing over and bake for another 5 minutes. Then we cut them into french-fry-like strips. 

The hearts were a bit of an afterthought: we had lots of chocolate cake left over and some peanut butter, so we mixed the PB into the crumbled cake and pressed it into heart-shaped baking tins. 

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