Saturday, June 26, 2010

Origami Cranes Part 3 - Dangle Charms

Now I pretty much loved how the crane earrings turned out (check out folding the crane and making the earrings first if you haven't already), but I thought they could use an extra bit of shine. After sitting and thinking (read: taking a nap) for a few hours, I came up with the idea of little dangling beads. 

I had a few of these sparkly silver colored beads left over from my kanzashi flower tutorial:

And I soon had them wired and looped up.
All well and good, I thought, but I have five pairs of earrings and not so many beads. The solution? Swirly connectors!

I don't know if these exist or not, but I'm going to be calling them swirlies :)
Just start out making a shape like a treble clef and close the bead loop into the top of it. 

You can then swirl these onto the bottom loop of any of your cranes...

These should stay on with no problem unless you're doing some serious gymnastics throughout your day.

You could wear just these as earrings too:

Did I mention how I love the easy change-ability of kidney ear wires? ;)

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