Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hors d'œuvres

Last night was prom night, and my friend and I made hors d'oeuvres before going: mini bacon bowls with buffet style fillings.

Scrambled eggs, leftover mac and cheese, and corn with pine nuts.

The bacon bowls were made in a mini muffin tray; half a strip of bacon placed in each hole to make a bowl shape, and then put in the oven at about 400F for half an hour or so. Just make sure they're stiff to the touch and cooked all the way through. 
A few of them curled in on themselves, but most were perfect. We then took the bowls out and saved the grease to cook other vegetables with. 

We had some mozzarella cheese too, so we filled a few of the bacon bowls with cheese before baking. They got eaten before we could get any pictures though!

We fried the remaining strips of bacon in a pan, and used the leftover fat to make the corn and eggs.
But I'm sure you could fill these bowls with anything really! 

We had some whole wheat toast too, since the bacon was pretty greasy. Everything tastes good on toast, right? =]

This was super super easy-- it only took about 45 minutes total to prep and cook, and everyone agreed it was delicious!

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