Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Origami Gift Box

Mother's Day is just around the corner, guys!
I just had little gifts, and didn't want to shell out $5 a box, so I made my own, bows and all!

Tutorial time!

First, you'll need 2 sheets of computer paper. 
Make a large square out of each of them, but hold on to the rectangle left over-- we'll be making our bows out of them!
Now follow my folds!
(fold the other corners)
(unfold again)
(See that square of four squares that my thumb and index finger are outlining? That's going to be the bottom of the box)
(make sure you tear exactly along that line, and only to the four square where the bottom of the box will be)
(Make sure you tear ONLY the lines shown here. If you do this to the other side, your box will fall apart)
You're done!
Rinse and repeat to make the top of the box. 
Now what to do with those leftover rectangles....

(Tear into four strips)
(This is a basic universal shape that I used in all of my decorations)

 The decorating possibilities are endless!

P.S. plantable roses inside the boxes are from How Does She?. Check out the awesome tutorial there too!

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