Friday, May 14, 2010

Hungry Mouse Part 2

I baked it! And nothing charred! No grilled mouse and crackers today =D

My camera decided to break today though, so I can't show you the finished product yet. Not that it changed much from yesterday-- I just made little indentations for eyes, a hole for a jump ring so I could put a chain on it and wear it as a necklace, and then I glazed it when it cooled down. I'll edit this post with a photo of that asap though!

Finished product! I had to use my backup camera which didn't want to focus...but you get the idea, yeah?

But for now, tutorial time!

For the cracker, I used straight up yellow Sculpy III. Make a flat round shape first. Then cut out a rounded triangle shape, and smooth it all out with your fingers. This doesn't have to look perfect, since the mouse will be covering most of it anyway.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures until I was almost done the cracker. It's easy stuff though, so hopefully you can figure it out anyway. Send me a message if you're having trouble with it and I'll try to help!

Then, take an x-acto knife, and make little cuts around the edge. Run your thumb around the edge to smooth out the harsh lines just a bit.

To make the circle shapes, I used a ball point pen with a retractable ink tube. Just make sure you don't press too hard, otherwise you might end up with ink on your cracker!

Next comes the mouse. I suggest making a body shape first and holding it up to the cracker to make sure the mouse will turn out about the right size when you're done.
The body is 2 parts yellow to 3 parts white. 
These were the shapes I used:

Just the general idea: you'll probably have to reshape some of the parts as you're going. Also, I would advise that you have the tail lay down next to / on top of the mouse (as opposed to sticking out), and to not make the ears too thin, to minimize the chances of breakage.


Then do all the other stuff that I mentioned at the top of this post, if you like. If you feel like being really fancy, you could add little bits of thin wire for whiskers, use a different color nose, line the ears with pink, cut little teeth marks into the cracker, make a jelly cookie instead of a cracker...have fun with it!

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