Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hungry Mouse

So this is the first polymer clay project I've tried in a while. Just because clay is kind of annoying to me in that it dries out, gets hard, is a bit messy, and you need to bake it. I'll stop complaining now though. 

The easy part is over and done with...sculpting the clay:

Based on some picture that I found online...a long time ago. I'll try to find it again to credit it. 

So tomorrow is the hard part- baking. I always manage to mess up the baking part of this somehow, and end up with burnt tips or bottoms, even though I think I'm following the instructions (15 minutes per quarter inch thickness??)
I'll try taking it reaaaally slow this time though, and just 5-10 mins at a time, because I really don't want to burn this little cutie!

If you have any advice, leave me a comment before tomorrow afternoon, and I'll try it out!

Tutorial for this coming SOON. Stay tuned :]

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