Friday, July 16, 2010

Cherry Bow Earrings

Aside from cupcakes, I think that cherries and bows might be the cutest things that you can wear. Unless of course, your kitty is of the fat and cuddly variety :)

So why not combine them?

Start out with some gold wire. This is 20 gauge gold colored brass wire.
Make bow-ish shapes out if it. I didn't actually tie bows like you do with your shoelaces, because this wire is a bit too thick to do nice knots with. So I made two loops and wrapped one of the legs around the center.

I don't have a photo for this, but afterwards I took the longer leg and wrapped it around the center twice more to make it look neater. You can see the end result in the next photo:

Then I took some polymer clay and made little "cherry" balls with them. I wanted to paint them later with red nail polish to give them a juicy look, so I just used up my white reject clay -- white clay that has little carpet fibers in it that I can't use for actual white projects.

After baking the clay, I covered it with two coats of bright red nail polish and one coat of clear.

Then, just use some hot glue and attach them to earring posts!
Enjoy your luscious earrings ;)

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